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How to Get Him Interested

How to get him interested is more than a simple science. When you’re in the business of attracting a mate you have to evaluate every fiber of your being. Outward appearance only scratches the surface of what you need to attract a man. To truly transform yourself from a Plain Jane to a Divine Diva you’ll need to change yourself from the inside out. Three easy steps will get you well on your way to getting the man of your dreams before you even strut out that door.

To become the bombshell you always wanted to be, you have to think you are. You have to revel in yourself. Embrace your body and all of its imperfections. Don’t be afraid! Whether you’re tall, short, heavy, or thin there is a man out there who will love every inch of you for who you are. Many women have poor body image and their behavior reflects that. A self loving woman will have much more success attracting a man then a self loathing one. Men are also attracted to a woman who is sure of herself and her assets. Her body may be what initially draws him in but how she carries herself will keep him there.

If you’re having problems getting out of the rut of negativity then this next step might be the key. To project a sensual air you need to dress like a woman. Start with a wardrobe that accents the body you have, not the body that you wish you had. Wear clothes that are neither too small nor too baggy. Get into the habit of washing (and styling) your hair, applying makeup, and keeping your nails. Take time to groom yourself everyday, not just on days you plan on going out on the town. You never know when an opportunity will present itself. When it does you don’t want to second guess yourself because of your appearance!

Once you are sound in mind and body you will need to fine tune your approach. Learning how to approach the man can be the hardest step in the process. Your first impression is one that will stick with a man, so make it count! When you first engage a man you will definitely feel the pressure. Keep your cool, and approach the situation with a level head. Introduce yourself early in the conversation. From there allow the atmosphere provide the subject for conversation. Talking about something besides your desire to date can help calm your nerves and feel more comfortable around him. Keep your eyes on the prize, literally, by maintaining eye contact as you introduce yourself and engage in a conversation. Don’t be afraid to smile. Smiling has a soothing effect on both parties that may even make you look more appealing.

Extending the offer to you is the best possible scenario, but not the only one. If you feel the conversation winding down and he still hasn’t made an offer feel free to extend one yourself. Men take notice in women who notice them and will answer in kind. Even if that answer is a ” No thanks ” you shouldn’t be discouraged. If you attracted one man and managed to make an impression it is a guarantee that many more will follow!

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