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How do I Get Him to Like Me

This is an article that can help you answer that question how do I get him to like me? For all those single ladies trying to figure out how to get a guy to like you, a few pointers to wooing that special guy is necessary. Of course nothing is guaranteed but there are a few techniques and ways to act that will increase your chances of getting him to notice you and maybe take the relationship to the next level.

The first thing that is much underrated and it seems that women in the world today more than ever has lost their femininity. Acting like a lady is not only sexy and beautiful but it tells a lot about a women. No man wants women that have masculine tendencies such as cursing, spitting and being messy, stuff that is usually associated with men. Show that man that you would not be an embarrassment and a woman that he can take home to his mother. Some women can be as beautiful as rose but when they open their mouth, they can be very off-putting.

Now that you established your femininity, show him that you are interested in him. So many women try to play coy and aloof when they like a man but with men it’s the opposite. Showing you are interested is a big turn for men and everyone likes a good ego boost to the self esteem. Men can be just as shy as women and hardly ever gets interest from the opposite sex as opposed to women. Talk to him and hint around at common interests such as “Hey that movie looks good, I want to go see that sometime”. Leaving him an opening can result in him asking you out and tell you his interest.

Now it is time for you to show him your sexy side and look the best when you are around him without overdoing it. Where what makes you look good, get your hair and makeup done and smell good. Men love women who smell great and as it is said that aroma triggers the memory like no other sense, so your smell will be in his memory. It’s important not to look to revealing but enough where other men notice you and get him a little jealous where he will be forced to make a move fearing he would miss out on an opportunity. Men are territorial, if they see another man moving in on a potential mate they will act swiftly and out of character.

In conclusion, there is obviously no way to guarantee love or relationships but the worst thing in the world is to be afraid to go after something you want and not make an attempt at all. Being yourself and showing him what you have to offer is all you can do. If it’s not enough, then it’s his fault and the lessons you have learned will eventually lead you to that man that will be asking “how do I get her to like me”, and the shoe will be on the other foot.

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