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Proposal Ideas

If you have found the one person in the whole entire world that you want to spend the rest of your life with you are a very, very, very, lucky individual. Marriage is a special union between two people that you want to last a lifetime. A great way to start off on the right foot is a unique and grand proposal. A proposal can be grand in many different ways, the most important thing is to make sure that the proposal fits your partner and is something they will cherish and remember for a lifetime. First, you have to decide whether your partner would like a private or public proposal. Although public proposals are more popular, your partner may prefer a more intimate setting shared just between the two of you. There are several great proposal ideas for a private proposal as well as a public proposal and anywhere in between.

If your partner is someone who would enjoy a private proposal consider scheduling a romantic evening at home with just the two of you. Start with an oiled back massage with your partner’s favorite romantic songs playing in the background. Afterward run bath water and inform them that you will be cooking dinner and dessert while they enjoy their soak in the tub. Place candles on the table and profess your genuine love to them over dinner. Pick their favorite dessert and serve it after dinner with a small message attached saying, “Will you marry me?” As they read the message get down on one knee and place the ring on their finger.

For a more public proposal consider planning a beach vacation with some of their best friends and closest family members. Gather everyone on the beach one evening for drinks and hire a skywriter. Make a toast to your partner professing your love to them in front of everyone. As the plane flies across the sky writing the words “Will you marry me?”, get on one knee and place the ring on their finger.

If you are looking for something right in between public and private send your partner on a treasure hunt. Cook their favorite breakfast and leave a note about the first time you both had breakfast together and how special it was. Give them a map that leads to all their favorite places around town leaving a romantic note at each location. At the last location leave her a note asking her to marry you. As she is reading it walk up behind her and get on one knee placing a ring on her finger. Marriage is special bond that you share with that one special person. Adding a personalized element to your proposal will show your partner that you consider being with them a unique and privileged experience. It will also show them that you pay attention to the intricate details about them. A special proposal will show how irreplaceable and special they are to you and is sure to get your marriage off to a great start!

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