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Get a Man to Want You

It can be quite the challenge to get a man to want you. Some men are very fickle and particular about their taste in women. This often is nothing against you; it is just an example of how difficult the dating scene is. There are some really helpful hints that can make this awkward dating game much easier. You can definitely get a man to want you; it just takes a little effort and much skill.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that you are not a piece of meat, nor have you ever been. Some women go throwing their bodies at men in hopes that sex will cause a man to like them. Sometimes men use this as an excuse for a one night stand when they actually have little interest in the woman. This should not be a goal of yours because it seldom leads to anything more than one night. The best approach is to play a little hard to get. Show the man that you are interested in him, yet don’t make it too easy. Make him have to work by giving him enough admiration and attention to rouse his curiosity.

If a man knows he can get you, he sometimes will lose interest after he has succeeded. If you truly like this guy and want things to last longer than a week, you should be thinking long term. Stray away from all of the silly, lustful response. Start thinking about a long term plan. Show this man that you deserve respect, yet you still enjoy having fun with him. If he sees that you are firm and have respect for yourself, he is more likely to learn respect for you and begin to treat you with great fondness. If he sees that you have little respect for your own mind and body, you can’t expect that he will be much different.

Playing hard to get is great, but be sure that you aren’t playing too hard. If he thinks he has a very slim chance of spending more time with you, he will turn his attention to more practical matters. You don’t want him losing interest. Show him that you like him and that you want to spend some time in his company. He will eventually pick up the signs.

Make sure to treat him with respect. Some women think that a man like being talked down to in a dirty or naughty way. Again, this is setting things up for short term success only. If you truly like this man, then ditch all of the childish games and show him that you are an adult. The only way he will enjoy playing juvenile mind games with you is if he is a child himself. And if that is the case then you are probably in for a short and unfulfilled relationship. Find a mature man and act mature around him. This gives you the greatest chance for a successful and long-lasting relationship. Take your time and make it count.

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