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Get a Man to Propose

Get a man to propose, 25 of 52

Get a man to propose, 25 of 52—Sebastian Anthony (Flickr.com)

Finding that dream man is hard enough as it is. Getting that dream man to propose to you might be even harder. For some women, they are able to find a man that they really enjoy spending time with. This eventually leads to love and the desire to start a family. Yet some men are not as quick to move. Certain guys can be very happy with a girl, yet have a fear of total commitment. It can be a difficult task to get a man to propose to you. There are many reasons why some men get cold feet and don’t move as quickly as their lady would like them to. However, there are some tips that can help you learn how to slowly help him move closer to marriage.

First off, don’t talk to him about marriage on a constant basis. A man is more likely to enjoy the thought of marriage if he comes to think about it on his own. If you are constantly discussing it with him, he might begin to feel trapped. You will want to give him plenty of space. In some instances, it is best to not mention it at all. If you feel it is getting close to the time you would like to get married and he has made not mentioned of taking the relationship a step further, then you might want to begin a discussion. Otherwise, it is not wise to constantly press the issue. This creates stress and can cause your man to feel like he is receiving an ultimatum from you.

Another common mistake is to assume that you will make all the plans for a wedding. If a man has an inclination that you are about to go off chatting to all your friends about your wedding and begin making tentative plans, he might get worried. If you haven’t talked to him about marriage, don’t go off blabbering to your friends about your wedding. The minute you begin to assume that a wedding is in the near future, he might shy away and not like the idea that you are assuming the relationship is ready for that big of a step. If you have his okay, then you can go to your friends and talk about the wedding, but don’t do so without his blessing.

These are strategies to help get your man to propose to you sooner rather than later. It’s important to remember that giving him space might be the best way to get that ring. You can casually mention it to him, but don’t spend hours on a regular basis trying to beg him. Men like it when a woman plays hard to get. If you pretend like you aren’t overly concerned with a quick engagement, he might begin to feel like he wants to make that commitment. Just be patient and remember that it is a big step, one that needs to be made with both people on the same page. Patience is a virtue and working together is important.

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