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Get a Man to Marry You

Get a man to marry you

Yes I will marry you

In this day and age, getting married is all the rage. At weddings, the love in the air is so strong that it becomes irresistible. The brides maids, the cake, the dancing, the kissing, the newlyweds, are all factors in this crazy situation we call love. Most women yearn to get married, there’s just one small problem, finding the person you want to marry. If finding the person isn’t the problem, getting them to marry you is, especially for a woman. Men are of no short supply, but if you want a man to marry you, you must follow three simple steps: tell him what he wants, keep the fire burning and become his desire.

Tell Him what He Wants

It is true that a man should marry a woman because he loves her, but it is also true that the woman needs to be what the man wants without having to change her personality. If you want to get a man to marry you, you must first tell him what he wants. A man doesn’t always use his head, so you need to feed him what he wants. Spend time with him, and make sure at the end of every day, he knows that you are what he wants. If you have to do this by flirting or maybe showing some skin, so be it. Your goal is to get this man to marry you, so you have to show him why he wants to marry you.

Fire Burning

Once your man knows he wants you, don’t go cold. A relationship needs fire to remain healthy. Since he is your man now, you need to do things that will keep his attention on you. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it should happen in the bedroom, but as a couple, you should let the flames roar. Go on date nights or explore places you’ve never been before. Spontaneity will be a leading factor in keeping the fire burning. When a man knows he wants you and the fire is burning, marriage is only one step away.


Men constantly desire women. A man that desires to get married will also desire a woman that is what he wants and can keep the flame in their relationship red hot. To become a man’s desire, you must be the person you were when you told him that you were what he wanted, but on a higher level. He already knows he wants you, now you need to tell him why. Tell your man why he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Act like you’re already going to be bound together forever and treat him as you would in that situation. Do the kind things for him that you already know you will in the future and you will remain his desire. A man will continue to desire you because you do everything for him, and he will soon need you to survive and to love. Getting a man to marry you can be problematic, but following these steps are a sure fire way to achieve your goal.

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