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Get a Man to Commit

Commitment Getting a man to commit is tricky and a skill that a woman must learn in order to have a great relationship. Early in the relationship it has to be determined if the man is a keeper or not. If a man is not a keeper, there is no way to change them. If a man is a keeper, it is time to follow the next steps. Does this man have a general dislike of relationships? What is the history of his previous relationships? By determining the history, one could determine the potential future. How much compatibility is shared in the relationship? How long has this relationship lasted?

So now is the time to determine why this man has a dislike of relationships. Who has created this unfavorable attitude exhibited by this man? If the problem is in the history, there is a good chance that this man can overcome and be stronger in the long run. Did this man get his heart broken by an ex? If so, confront him and find out why this is hindering this relationship. If there is a specific reason as to why he cannot commit to this relationship, it is better to get that information out now than later.

Appealing to their nature is a good way to get the conversation flowing. Make it seem like commitment is their idea in the conversation. Have goals laid out and make sure that it involves both parties because this should be a joint decision. This relationship is about these two people, why should only one person have a say on the future of the relationship? Do not make this a serious conversation that is drawn out. Get to the point and get what is needed to be said out. Talk in a way to keep the other party at ease so they do not bolt out of the door as soon as the conversation starts. If he does not want to discuss something serious, do not make it serious. Make it a play date and make him realize that his partner is a wonderful goddess that he should want to commit to, not be forced into a relationship.

Be non-committal if this man does not want to go into a conversation. Talk of what ifs and maybes and ask him what he values or does not value about commitment with a partner. What are his fears and aspirations of the future in this relationship? If he does not want to commit but sees a future in this relationship, leave the topic for a future conversation. If this man sees his wonderful goddess girlfriend being swooned by other men, he may decide to change his mind and seek a more monogamous situation. Remember that exclusivity and future relations with this man are the goals of the game if he intends to stay in the relationship so keep at it! This man wants to roam free and should be allowed but with terms and conditions if he holds the key to your heard and your bed! Ladies, get a man to commit. Period.

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